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Diver diving through a school of fish

SDI Master Diver

The SDI Master Diver Program is the elite of the recreational diving world.
A Master Diver can demonstrate mastery from basic diving practices to mastery in their chosen fields.
Much like the SDI Advanced Diver, a Master Diver will have over a hundred dives logged and at least 25 dives logged in each of their specialties.

These specialties vary from Navigation, right up to Cavern diving.

What separates an Advanced Diver, and a Master Diver is their ability to be reliable in a rescue and can be trusted to dive to their capabilities.

This course is best suited for:
Any Rescue Diver that wants to be a Master in their areas of diving.

Any Rescue Diver that wishes to expand their skill sets in other specialties


What you get:

This Course theory can be taught in a classroom environment or Self-passed eLearning.

5x Dives in their chosen specialties


This Course requires 4x Specialties to complete, these WILL add extra costs.
No Specialty is the same as another, you are paying for the Theory and the Expert advice and experience that comes with it.

Before purchasing this course, please contact us at:



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