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Pathfinders Diving Veterans and Veteran's Families

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Gone but not forgotten, may we lead today, for a better tomorrow

If you're a current holder of a DVA White card, or Gold card, you're eligible for our Veteran's program.

If you don't have either, but are current or Ex-ADF, contact us to find out if you're eligible.

Our Mission is to help create an environment for Ex-ADF, Servicemen/ women, and their families. We aim to achieve this by building confidence in each person's ability in the diving world.
Here at Pathfinders Diving, we firmly believe that diving is a gateway to freeing the burdens of one's mind, and this is a journey we encourage all of our members to achieve. 

"Diving for me, isn't about seeing anything in particular, it's about the forced meditation. Breathing becomes less exhausting, and while you're lumping your gear over to the water, when you're finally below the surface, everything is weightless, not just your mind, but your whole body. My knees don't click and my back doesn't ache. Finally, after emerging, I begin to remember the surface world, and the short break of reality, well, it's enough to let me get the best night's sleep after any dive." - Jonathan, Ex-Navy.

This experience we would encourage everyone to try, at least once.
Diving is the perfect balance between "Civi" life and "Defence" life. Before the dive, setting up your equipment, doing your pre-dive safety checks, the brain switches into that mode of gentle adrenaline. As you begin entering the water fully equipped you begin to get into the mind set of a diver. As the Guide signals to descend, in that moment, everything changes, your mind clears and for the next 40minutes, everything is bliss. Once it's time to surface, you'll feel like you were under for no more than 10minutes, coming out and sharing what you saw underwater.
As you gather back to wash down your equipment, you all begin to get the music out and have a social gathering after a dive.

We firmly believe this is a fantastic way to explore a new world with the family and fellow like-minded individuals, from all walks of life. 

We warmly welcome everyone and rest assured, whether it be mental health or a physical disability, these are challenges we can face together. Get in touch with us today, and let's begin this journey together  

Let’s Work Together

Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland


Tele: 0468 346 606

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