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Divers diving over corals

PADI Open Water Diver Certification

Alright, so picture this. You're out on a cruise, and sure, docking up alongside an island and going out to explore it is great, though there sure is a lot of people about. You see a dive operator and think to yourself, hmm I do have a Certification after all, why shouldn't I?

That's right, with your PADI Open Water Diver Certification, you are Worldwide Recognised diver and are able to dive to 18m depth! (Provided you're over 12 years old that is!)

Hang on, what about the kids? Fear not, they can come cause a stir provided they're 10 Years or older!


This Course is best suited for:

Anyone aged 10 Years or older, looking to start joining in on some Club diving activities, or planning their own dives with their buddy


What you get:

A classroom type learning or online Self-passed eLearning that will be completed before diving.

5x Confined water dives (merged into 1 day)

4x Open Water dives (merged into 2 days)

With a possible +1 additional adventure dive if permitted which could count towards your Advanced Open Water Ticket or Specialty!

To find out more, reach us at:



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