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Diver on their back

PADI Dive Master

Prices Starting from $1,000

Alright, you're probably thinking at this point, it's time to take it up a level. How do I start a career as a dive instructor? This is your first step, by becoming a PADI Dive Master.

Here, you'll learn what it takes to become a leader, you'll be expected to answer questions that divers throw at you. You'll be leading dives, offering feedback, noticing unsafe dive practices and correcting them. This is just some of the tasks required for a PADI Professional.


This course is suited to:

Divers who have at least 60+ logged dives (to complete your Dive Masters, you will need a total of 80+ dives)

Diver's seeking to pursue more knowledge in the diving industry, to start their instructing career and become Dive Leaders


What you get:

Dive Master's pack (Includes a PADI carry bag, Instructor's manual, PADI Dive log and Dive Slates)

A never seen before diving experience and behind the scenes, hands on experience in the Dive industry.


We look forward to seeing you here!
To find out more, reach us at:



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