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Pathfinders Diving Social Club

The Pathfinders Diving Social Club warmly welcomes both, new and old divers and encourages all members to share their diving experiences. With Both Club Dives and Social events such as BBQ's and Club Expedition Dives.

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The Pathfinders Diving social Club

Our social club is to encourage our dives to continue using theirs skills by planning regular Pathfinders Diving Club Dives.
These dives will be announced across our platforms, news letters (if you haven't subscribed, be sure you do to not miss out on the club dives!) and on the website.

Due to dives continuously changing, we encourage all of our divers to achieve their Advanced Open Water Certification. This will allow you to be active divers on all of our Club Dives. 

Some of the dives you can expect to see will include:
Night Dives, Drift Dives, Boat Dives, Wreck Dives, Deep Dives and more!


Please also beware that some dives may require different types of equipment that will be mandatory and some gear that is recommended. These requirements will be mentioned with the Club Dive's announcement.
To help include all of our divers as often as we can, The certification for the Primary dive will be in the notice, however if there is an option for Open Water divers to be there while an Advance Dive Active, we will be sure to attach the details in the notice.

Our belief is that Diving is a Hobby and for a lot of us, a Lifestyle. We hope to share the social club with every member so they can mingle and create those memories any hobby could! 


Drop us an email, or find us on our social networks to find out more!

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