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SDI - SCUBA Diving International

SDI was first introduced in 1999 and made a name for itself by being the Open Water side to Tech Diving (TDI).
With SDI and TDI, Pathfinders Diving can offer over 40 subjects of Diving
Below you will see the Pathway for an SDI member
Click on one to find out more about it

The Most Direct Path as a Diver:
1. Open Water Diver - Your Card, to Diving the World

2. Advanced Adventure Diver - Begin Exploring deeper

3. Rescue Diver - The first step for Experienced Divers

4a. Master Diver - Become the Elite of Recreational Diving

4b. Dive Master - The First level of being a Diving Professional

5. Instructing - Live and Breath Diving? Share it as your Passion 

The Adventure Dives and Specialties we offer as SDI Instructors

Advanced Buoyancy Diving

Boat Diving

Computer Diving

Computer Nitrox Diving

Deep Diving

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diving

Drift Diving

Equipment Specialist

Marine Ecosystems Awareness

Night - Limited Visibility Diving

SDI Side mount Diving

Search and Recovery Diving

Shore / Beach Diving

Underwater Hunter and Collector

Underwater Navigation Diving

Underwater Photography Diving

Underwater Video Diving

Wreck Diving

TDI - Technical Diving International

TDI was first introduced in 1994 which became the Leading edge for Tech Diving
Pathfinders Diving offers various TDI Courses
Below you will see the Pathway for an TDI member
Click on one to find out more about it

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