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  • How do I purchase a Product?
    Our Online Store is currently only to show prices and not currently set up as a point of sale, please contact us if you have any inquiries
  • Are there additional charges on the courses?
    Yes, currently there is an additional fee of tank hire and gear hire, which does not come from our services. While we are happy to source these supplies, if you happen to have access to with-in date tanks and serviced gear, you're more than welcome to bring it along with you
  • Is Pathfinders Diving Primarily Veteran focused?
    While we are a unique business, our services are for people of all ages and we pride ourselves with providing as much care for Veterans as we do for everyone
  • I don't have a PADI Certification, but currently hold another, can I still dive?"
    Absolutely! If you hold any recognized Certification, you are welcome to join us on any Social Dives
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