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Divers over a wreck

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

You're sitting at 16m, looking down, if only you could get just a little deeper to see what's beneath the shelf you're above. As you look down at your computer you notice it's about time to turn around and comeback, but you've lost your sense of direction. Your buddy tells you to follow them and you make your way out of the water. As you're heading out, you see a group of divers just setting up their equipment. Surely, they're not going in at nighttime. Then you overhear them talking about the bioluminescence activity at night. They ask you if you're up for it, unfortunately you decline feeling out of your depth with it all.

Would you believe us if we told you we had the solution?

As Part of our Advanced Open Water Diver's Course, we'll teach you the skills you need to dive to the depths of 30m, how to navigate both at surface and below, and 3 adventure dives of your choice (Like above, you could try out a night dive!)


This Course is best suited for:

Any Certified Open Water Diver, ages 12 years and older looking to develop a wider range of diving capabilities, or simply, to allow you to explore the underworld with fewer limits!


You get:

This Course's Theory can be taught in a classroom environment or Self-passed eLearning

1x Navigation Dive

1x Deep Dive (18m+)

3x Adventure Dives

The list of available Adventure Dives we can provide can be found in the Tab labelled Adventure Dives


To find out more, reach us at:



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