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About Us

Leading the Way for Tomorrow

Pathfinder Diving offers a variety of SDI and PADI courses, programs and activities for you and the family.
Here at Pathfinder Diving, we believe the ocean is one true place we can feel at home, while we may be born in a generation too late to explore space, we have the vast abyss just at our doorstep. After all, we know more about the moon than we do the ocean's floor, why not be the pioneers of something new

Our Story

Established in 2021 by an ex-sailor of the Royal Australian Navy who couldn't let the sea salt leave his face; decided to create an atmosphere of like minded people who enjoy the hobby as much as they enjoy kicking back having a backyard BBQ.
Since he had come from the Military he understands and can sympathize with other Veterans and Veterans still battling at home.
This lead him to create a Veteran & Veteran's family Program to create a brotherhood of fellow Brothers and Sisters to free their shoulders of the burdens they carry

What We Offer

Dedicated to providing the best training we can offer and the best personal experience for you, we have 3 operations
1) Training Academy, provided by qualified SDI PADI Instructors

2) The Pathfinder Diving Social Club                                       

3) Veteran's and Veteran's Families Pathfinder Diving Club 

Which One is For You?

The Training Academy is open to all, whether it is to experience what it's like diving, going for an Open Water Diver's license, or to pursue a higher level of training up to a Dive Professional. 

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The Pathfinders Diving Social Club warmly welcomes both, new and old divers and encourages all members to share their diving experiences. With Both Club Dives and Social events such as BBQ's and Club Expedition Dives.

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The Veterans and Veteran's Families Pathfinders Diving Club is designed in a way to help encourage our fellow Veterans to get together and relive the good times, and encourage all of our divers to mingle and explore opportunities and resources
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