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SDI Rescue Diver

It's the heat of the moment, you feel your body locking up as you witness someone calling out for assistance, are you ready, do you have what it takes?
The SDI Rescue Course has a reputation for a few things. Challenging, informative and exciting.
We can't tell you what the importance of having a rescue diver nearby is, nor how important we think it is to be one.
Whether it's to help a diver who's tired, a diver who's in danger or most importantly, rescuing yourself.
Here you will learn what it takes to become a rescue diver, identifying destressed divers and being aware of your surroundings.
It's easy to see why becoming a Rescue Diver makes you stand out from the crowd, hopefully never, but literally!

This Course is best suited for:
Any Advanced Adventure or SDI SCUBA Open Water Diver looking for a fun, interactive, hands on simulated experience which is sure to make them stand out from the crowed

What you get:
disclaimer - This course does contain a volume of theory orientated around Safe diving practices and first aid.
This course can be taught in a classroom environment or online eLearning

2x Rescue Dives (That are counted towards normal logged dives)

To find out more, reach us at:



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