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SDI Advanced Diver

The Advanced Diver Development Program is aimed to provide entry level divers with a large expansion to their skill set.

Much like the Advanced Adventure Diver course, this course allows you to choose 4 Specialties (Refer to our Adventure Dive page to see what we can offer) to focus on.

For example, you may choose to specialize in Equipment specialist, Night - Limited Visibility Diving, Wreck Diving and Underwater Videography.
You will then complete each Specialty like a Master Diver would, by doing 25 dives in each specialty, demonstrating mastery in those chosen fields and completing the theory.


This Course is best suited for:

A Diver who has logged at least 25 dives

Any diver (and Junior Diver) looking to master their favorite fields, or any fields they would like


What you get:

This Course theory can be taught in a classroom environment or Self-passed eLearning.

4x dives in the chosen fields prior to locking in their decision.

This Course requires 4x Specialties to complete, these WILL add extra costs.
No Specialty is the same as another, you are paying for the Theory and the Expert advice and experience that comes with it.

Before purchasing this course, please contact us at:



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