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Training Academy

Pathfinders Diving Training Academy

Want to give diving a go, but not too sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Check out The Diving Pathway in the Picture Below and see how it may apply to you!

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Introduction to SCUBA Diving

Open Water Certification

Advanced Diving Certification

Rescue Diver

Dive Master & Master Diver

Introduction to SCUBA Diving - Trying SCUBA Diving

Known as:
SDI - SCUBA Discovery
PADI - Discover SCUBA Diving

This will introduce you to the world of diving with 1-2 dives.
The first dive will be conducted in a confined area (pool, or pool like conditions) were we'll go over some basic techniques to diving.
If you feel that you're up for it, the second dive will be out in the ocean, to give you the closest experience possible to being a diver.

Getting the License to Dive - Open Water Certification

Known as:
SDI - Open Water SCUBA Diver

PADI - Open Water Diver
The Open Water Certification is the first level of your training. It will involve some theory and practical skills before we hit the open water. 
The open water certification will allow a diver to dive to a maximum depth of 18m (See Key Standards at the end to see age restrictions) under normal diving circumstances. 

The Theory can be conducted in a class room presentation, or online at self pace and once completed, we'll be spending the first day of the 3 day course (This can be split up over a period, or back to back, contact us to find out more) conducting skills in a confined area. Once all the skills have been completed, we'll start the process of conducting Dives 1 & 2 on one day, then Dives 3 & 4 on the last day.


Going Deeper - Advanced Diving Certification

Known as:

SDI - Advanced Adventure Diver

PADI - Advanced Open Water Diver

When going for your advanced certification, you're going to be focusing on skills and theory related to the adventure dives you select to do. The minimum is 3, with 2 compulsory adventure dives, Underwater Navigation and Deep Diving.

Navigate to our Adventure dives page to see what we offer.
Completing this course will allow you to dive most sites and allows you to dive to a depth of 30m.
This course will consist of 5 dives, and is expected to take 2-3 days to complete. (Not taking theory into account).


Stepping out of the crowd - Rescue Diver

Known as:

SDI - Rescue Diver

PADI - Rescue Diver

Being a Rescue Diver is no small feat. Want to experience a simulated event where you have to rescue someone and where you'll be pushed to achieve a rescue? 

The Rescue Diver course is 2 days of physical work, and theory on how to identify someone in need of assistance, securing your own safety, and how to achieve the rescue. 

Where to go from here - Dive Master / Master  Diver

Known as:

SDI - Dive Master / Master Diver

PADI - Dive Master / Master SCUBA Diver

For any information regarding the Master SCUBA Diver, please contact us and we'll arrange for you to speak directly to our Master SCUBA Diver Trainer.

Dive Master
This is the first step to becoming a Dive Professional. This will offer you a foot in the door opportunity to instructing, being a guide leader and most importantly, being a Dive leader and role model.
This course not only teaches you everything you need to know on how to lead, but offers you a strong supporting foundation of knowledge to draw on.
For any questions regarding this course, feel free to contact us to start planning your journey. 

For the Family - Children

Known as:

SDI - Future Buddies

PADI - Bubble Maker / PADI Seal Team

The Future Buddies course is the SDI introduction to SCUBA Diving for those as young as 8+
This allows children to prepare themselves for when they decide to continue diving. Most SDI courses allow children as young as 10 years old to participate. They will learn the basics to diving, such as how to use diving equipment, introducing them to the safe dive practices and interacting with the aquatic world.

The Bubble Maker Program is to get kids aged 8+ to experience SCUBA Diving. This program is to be conducted at a depth no greater than 2 meters in confined water (Pool).
They will learn the very basics to diving. Because this is an extremely unique course, the learning outcomes of this course will vary from child to child, some may need coaching on how to swim beneath the surface, while others may need coaching on how to breath through the regulator. It's important to note, that this course will be run at water not too deep to stand to maintain the highest level of safety. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

The PADI Seal Team, is an interactive set of goals (10 missions) for you child/children to achieve.
Aqua Mission 1 is set to the same restrictions as the bubble maker program, and the dive depth changes to 4m maximum at Aqua Mission 2+.
This program is a continuously evolving, and takes each child's skill, comfort and parental permission into account throughout their program.
If you have any question about this program, don't hesitate to contact us!

Key Standards - Dive Ages and Maximum Depths

Ages 8 - 9
Depth - Maximum 4m (Set by Governing Body Standards)

Ages 10 - 11

Depth - Maximum 12m (After Certification, must dive with parent/ guardian, or a Dive Professional)

Ages 12 - 14

Depth - Maximum 18m (Junior Open Water Diver) May go to 21m for continuing education (i.e.: Advanced) 

Ages 8 - 17
Depth - As above relevant to age, parent/ guardian to sign relevant documentation 

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